Elise Campbell
Elise has lived a life dedicated to movement, having competed at a national level in gymnastics as a child before moving onto surf life saving. At the age of 18, her mother became a yoga teacher, and Elise’s yoga journey began under her mothers tutelage. She immediately fell in love with the practice, and just one year later she was completing her first of several teacher training courses under Knoff Yoga and Yoga Synergy. At the age of 24, Elise began teaching yoga full time and has since taught over 10,000 classes. Elises classes are structured and have a strong focus on alignment and technique. This methodology combines intelligent movement, breath, drishti (focal points for the eyes), and relaxation to create a strong body, a calm nervous system, and a focused and balanced mind. 

Erin Barney

As a professional performer and movement practitioner, Erin is no stranger to the physical and mental benefits of yoga. Starting as a means of conditioning her physicality, she quickly discovered the powerful affects yoga placed upon her mind.

Erin guides a powerful, flow style class encompassing a fluidity inspired by her dance background and emphasises correct body alignment and muscle engagement in the execution of movement.   

“I am passionate about the human body, the mechanics of movement and using the connection of mindful movement and breath to find a sense of home within the self. My intent as a yoga teacher is to guid my student home.”

Kathy Cogill

Kathy originally came to discover yoga through her career as a dancer and has been practicing for over twenty years. She began teaching in 1997, and now teaches widely throughout Sydney for yoga schools and dance companies. corporate, retreats and private classes.

Her training began with Simon Borg-Oliver (Yoga Synergy) and Trevor Tanguey (Yoga Moves), she furthered her studies in Brussels with Jean-Paul Garnier, and completed her teacher training Levels I & II with Byron YogaCentre.
She has a Diploma in Dance from the Victorian College of the Arts,1986 and Degree in Acting from NIDA, 2001, and worked for many years in contemporary dance companies in both Australia and Europe, performing and touring throughout Europe, the U.S.A. and South America.




In Europe, she taught at Corpus Studios in Brussels and taught yoga for dancers and actors in workshops she has led at the Festival de Danse de Lyon, Festivale Internationale de Dansa in Rome, Festival d’Avignon, American Dance Festival, amongst others. In Sydney, she has taught for Yoga Solutions, Yoga Source, Life and Balance, NIDA, Bangarra and many corporate organisations. She choreographed and coordinated ‘KARUNESH’, a work combining dance and yoga for Sydney Festival Opening Night, 2009.

Kathy teaches Dynamic Hatha, with an emphasis on vinyasa flow, moving through the practice with the fluidity of the constant breath.

Melody Stanford

“Here and now is where yoga begins” – Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Yoga has been in Melodys life since she can remember, her grandmother would show her poses in the lounge room and her grandmother had practiced yoga on and off for 40 years this had planted the seed inside Melody. 
After Melodys third Baby is when she really started to be interested in the yoga world, she was at the time feeling stuck, anxious, drained, cranky and always tired. 
She began taking classes at a local studio and at first, she would join a class twice a week, but within six months, she was practicing every single day, some times twice a day. 
Yoga made Melody become more mindful and playful at home, and she loved the connection with the community, and the connection with herself, life became fun and exciting, and that little flame inside her grew so large she wanted to spread it out to the world.  
In 2019 Melody completed her 200hrs yoga teacher training with Janine Leagh and also completed 50hrs of Yin with Sarah Owen, 50hrs trauma informed yoga teacher training with Frontline Yoga. 
Melody also has an interest in Reiki- she has completed her level 1 Reiki certificate. 
Outside of the studio Melody loves bush walking,the beach, crystals, tarot cards,spending time with family, bird watching and travelling /exploring new places.

Emily Bennett 

At 21 I found myself feeling disconnected from the way I was living and spending my time. I kept feeling a call to yoga, but not being someone who was “flexible” I had a lot of resistance. I was finally dragged along to a class with a friend and that was it; I was hooked.

I started with the goal to touch my toes and what I learnt (and continue to learn) on the way down is more than I could ask for.

I love that with yoga there isn’t anything external to attain. That our physical practice is only one part and that you
get to cultivate a relationship with your spirit, your mind and your body and bring them all together into harmony. 

I teach a combination of restorative classes where we give our mind and body a break from the stresses of the external world, and a strong, alignment based practice where we go through similar sequencing in each of our classes in order to find a meditative flow and get a clear picture of how our body is feeling in the present moment. 

Nicole Dargie 

Nicole is a passionate advocate using her training in yoga and meditation to transform uplift and help teens realise their self worth. She is a certified Youth Mentor having taught to over 450 teens with her empowerment programs in schools and also with her signature courses for teens, Inside Out Beauty, First Moon Circles and The Teen Empowerment Project. She has a working with children check. 
She is also a Metaphysical Teacher and energy healer with 20 years of training with her teachers and a devoted adept to self study. She believes that all limiting beliefs can be transformed with a willing and open mind using yoga and meditation. She is the creator of The Empowerment Project Podcast and loves interviewing anyone on the area of well-being and empowerment. 

Nicole trained in 2014 with InYoga and has been offering empowerment courses for over 16 years to women and teens. Also a pilates teacher and mum of two teenagers, she loves brining out the best in teens and calls this generation Z ’the we generation’ who will change the world for the better. She see’s her role as simply a catalyst connecting these teen star seeds to their own inner knowing, their self confidence and to embrace and accept their body image. 

Nicole has trained with Shiva Rae from California several times and infuses this into her vinyasa classes, she is also a yin teacher and is trained in the lunar arts honouring the moon cycle. She especially loves to use sound healing and music to guide people into fun expressive flows. She loves to create safe and inclusive spaces for teens where they can flourish and grow to bust out of their ‘cocoon’ to spread their wings.

Denby Eardley 

Michelle Freney

I grew up with dance and movement, starting ballet classes at age 4. Later in life, when chronic pain and injury forced a stop to the dance for awhile, yoga provided that movement that I craved and an inner stillness I didn’t know I was missing.

Seeing the benefits for myself, I decided to leave the corporate world and complete my Yogalates teacher training. A mixture of Yoga and Pilates – Yogalates focuses on core engagement, breathwork and stability – both inner and outer. Yogalates is all about the body and how it feels, not what it looks like. It is fully inclusive as it can be modified for all body types and injuries/limitations.

My classes have a strong focus on correct alignment and core strength. I believe body awareness is so important and therefore encourage students to listen to their body, to be kind to themselves and to challenge themselves at their own level without worrying about what anyone else is doing. I give a lot of levels and modifications so my classes are appropriate for everyone – beginners, those recovering from injury/illness AND those students who want to feel it the next day!

I still dance as much as possible and teach a Latin movement at the studio once a month – the combination of movement and music – you can’t beat it!

Outside the studio I am a kinesiologist and mind body medicine practitioner,  and enjoy being in the ocean, in nature and with people who make me smile.